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YASURAGI (peace and comfort)

What is Yasuragi ?
No one can live without peaceful meals every day.
What makes them appealing and delicious is dexterous plate
and elaborate containers, offering eternal peace of mind.
With the change of four seasons, we find eternal peace and
harmony through impeccable tableware.
Fukui Craft Co., Ltd. strives to create atmosphere where people
can find permanent peace and comfort of every dinner time.


our mission

President: Takano, Kiyokazu

Nurtured and cherished in the long history and tradition, U-RU-SHI (japan lacquer ware)
has been a home for the Japanese---home filled with peace and comfort.
Established in 1981 in KAWADA Japan, a home of U-RU-SHI, FUKUI CRAFT has long
struggled to further develop its quality and adopt it to conventional table wares.
Crowned in the table ware industry, FUKUI CRAFT has never ceased to create home
with atmosphere full of peace and comfort through high quality YA-SU-RA-GI products
with authenticity incomparable to none.
This is our mission.


Company profile

What is FUKUI CRAFT CO., Ltd. ?
Pioneering the use of japan lacquer ware in traditional tableware, Fukui Craft Co., Ltd. has developed outstanding
tableware with wide sales network.
Acquired "ISO 9001" for the first time in lacquer ware industry, Fukui Craft never ceases to seek for higher quality.

Head Office

24-23 Tonokuchi, Sabae, Fukui, JAPAN
TEL (81-778) 65-2300
FAX (81-778) 65-2880

Tokyo Branch

1F NRE Yaesu Building, 3-5-7 Hatchobori, Chuoku, Tokyo, JAPAN
TEL (03) 5117-3550
FAX (03) 5117-3551

Kyushu Branch

Aritayaki-Kogyokyodokumiaidanchi 23660 Miyano, Ouzi, Yamanouchi,
Takeo, Saga, JAPAN
TEL (81-954) 45-5075
FAX (81-954) 45-3860


13-18 Azouda Sabae, Fukui, JAPAN
TEL (81-778) 65-2800
FAX (81-778) 65-2770


Shanghai Showroom
Add: Room305, 1277 DingXi Road, CHINA
Post Code: 200050
TEL (86-21) 62117044, 62110590
FAX (86-21) 62111484
Homepage :http://www.yasuragi.com.cn

Shanghai Factory

Add: 418 ShuangDan Road, JiaDing District, CHINA
Post Code: 201801
TEL (86-21) 59104337
FAX (86-21) 59104254